Women Speak
The Indo-Belgian production –‘ Women Speak, inspired by Mahasati’ is an Indian dance and music performance that brings a boundless tale of female empowerment. It was premiered in June 2019 in Ghent and Brussels with the support of Danshuis De Ingang, Danspunt De, Vlaamse Gemeenschap (departement jeugd, cultuur en media), Stad Gent, Cultuur Gent, Alain Platel, Universiteit Gent, Kimaya vzw and Cultuurcentrum Evergem – Stroming.
A collaboration of Nupur Zankar Academy of Performing Arts (Shila Mehta) and Maya Sapera Dance Company, the production is a performance of emotions, color and female power. Inspired by the story of Mahasati, the artistic team of ‘Women Speak’ that included artists from India, Belgium and Swizterland, brings this legend to the contemporary stage, and tells a hopeful tale about obstacles/challenges in everyone’s life.
The dancers interpret the philosophy that is inspired by Mahasati’s course of life. Throughout the performance, they evolve along with the bigger story of this character. They each have their own role to play in this story. In this way, Women Speak is more than the story of just one woman: it is the story of both the dancers and the spectators.
Choreographer Alain Platel on Women Speak: 'I was carried away by the performance and touched by the simple and pure beauty... A rare quality nowadays.'